Savvy Renting -- Property and Rental Management System

All-in-one Tracking
Keep track of all of your buildings/tenants/equipment and more all in one place. You can keep track of everything from who has paid rent this month to what stoves still have warranty left.
Performance Reports
Use our reports to view your rental performance including all your repair costs and overheads. It's the perfect way to see what works and what doesn't.
We can't do your taxs for you but we can make it easy. with just a couple clicks you can get the financial breakdown of just one building, or all of your buildings. We break down all of your income and expenditures in one simple report to make accounting easy.
Landlord Live-in
Most property manage software doesn't consider that you might be living there, and it can throw off accounting or performance figures, but we have taken that into account within our system and all you have to do it check the "is owner" box and we do all the math on reports for you.
Apartment Inspections
We make apartment inspections easy. Using your smartphone you can easy snap some photos and assign it to a tenant agreement so that you can easily prove any damage.
Tenant Portal
Sometimes you have to do a lot of hand-holding for your tenants. "When is garbage day?", "I need my rent receipts!", etc.. etc.. but now you can just give them access through our tenant portal and they can find it themselves.
Text Alerts (coming soon)
Email alerts are fine but text alerts are better. We plan to roll out text alerts soon so that you can be reminded wherever you are that rent is late or that the garbage needs to be put out, or whatever.