Getting Started - Add a New Building


This nickname field is how we refer to this building throughout Savvy Renting.


The address fields we use in automatically generated forms and other relevant sections throughout Savvy Renting. Such as the Rental Agreements that you can generate within Savvy Renting.


Garbage and recycling fields is referring to general building waste removal. If this is a multi-family and there is specific garbage or recycling details per unit that will be added at a later date.


When you click on these bullets below it opens up the details for any of the relevant central services.


You’ll notice the datepicker has a way to go far back in time easily by clicking the top bar, and you will see that it changes the calendar denomination.


The Central Heat/Air/Electric Panel and hot water are great information storage tools for situations like if you are out getting a new heating element for your water heater and they need the make and model you will now have access to that information from your phone right there, this can also help with insurance questionnaires.

Now you can click the save button and it will bring you to your building dashboard.