Getting Started - Adding a Unit to a Building


Adding a new unit in a building is easy as clicking Add New Unit.



Unit number is how you will refer to that apartment. You can make it a number, basement, or name.   If its a single family dwelling you can call this House - or whatever makes sense to you.


Garbage disposal included - Yes or No


Garbage details - If you leave this blank, the tenant portal will display the garbage details you entered for the building earlier.  You may want to put the day of garbage removal here, or number of bags allowed, or location of garbage chute.


Laundry details, no unlike the garbage field can be customized and displayed in the tenant portal.  You may want to put laundry location, operation hours, and cost in the field.


Total square feet - if you dont know, leave this empty and Savvy Renting will assume all units are the same size.  If you add this info accurately, it will help calculate accurate data in the reports section moving forward.


Unit Type - Select the type of building here as its imperative for accurate generation of rental contracts.


Cable included, Pays for Fuel (heating),water electricity telephone and internet toggles- Yes or No - This helps Savvy Renting determine what the tenant is responsible for in order to generate the rental contracts.


Cable Details - You can use this to enter info for any hardware like cable boxes or sat Tv boxes.


Parking type - This simply explains the type of parking the tenant has access to, for example street, parking lot, or no parking at all.  This is another piece of info easily  accessible in the tenant portal.


Parking Cost - is just that.  This is only used for tenant reference and not for any other financial calculation within Savvyrenting.


Yard Details - This field can be used for yard rules, access, and availability.


Special Information - Use you imagination to include any information you may need to know about this unit at  later date.  These are private notes that will not appear on any tenant documents.


Independant heating, air conditioning, hot water and electrical panel, are the same bullets you see when you create a building, With the exception of them being specific to the unit you are creating.  


Now click “next step.”


Now you have a chance to add equipment to the unit.  Feel free to add your appliances, furniture, or anything else that come with the unit. This may be useful for parts ordering, theft, damage, or replacement costs.  Remember to record all serial numbers of valuable items.


You can also click the camera icon to add photos of the unit or included equipment.  Doing this will save the within Savvyrenting for future reference