Getting Started - Updating your Account Information


In this video, we will be showing you, how to finish setting up your personal information   This is used for automatically generated content and forms in Savvyrenting


From the dashboard you will click WELCOME USER on the left side bar and select my account.


You will start with FULL NAME, here you will enter your information , and your company name below if applicable.


HST number, Business Number, and Company website can be added at this point for your records.


Other details can be anything you want to have savvyrenting remember about your rental business.


The next few fields are for your official billing address, to be used in generated content like rent receipts.


Company logo allows you to upload any picture you wish.  This will appear in various places around savvyrenting to customize your experience.


You can also change account info and subscription details in this screen.


In order to save changed, you must put in your current password and click Update.