Getting Started - Adding a New Cost or Bill to a Building

In this video, we will be learning how to add a new cost to the building in the bill category we added in the last video.


Costs and bills can be added each time you have an expense to track against building revenue.  You may add costs whether its a monthly bill or simply an improvement or repair.  


To start, click the PLUS sign on the costs box for the building you wish to add the bill to.


Now, you will see a screen with bill or cost details.


First, you select the cost category applicable to the bill you are adding.  At this point, you can also add a new category if you have not previously added the one.  Click  “add new category”  Follow the steps in the previous video.


Next, enter the total amount paid in the amount paid field.  Do not include a dollar sign, as savvyrenting assumes that for you.


Next is the date paid.  This is the most important as Savvyrenting will use this date to determine where it fits in date ranges chosen in the report section.


The next four fields are just for your reference and are not used in any savvyrenting calculations.


Now, click save! you have entered a new bill.