Getting Started - Add Building Equipment


In this video, we will show you how to add equipment to a particular building.  This may be handy if you replace the shared laundry machine or add a new central water heater.



First, Click the PLUS sign on the Equipment panel, under the building in which you wish to add the equipment.


Start by inputting the Name, Make, Model, and Serial for the new equipment.  The NAME is how savvyrenting will refer to this equipment.  Go ahead and use something like 2nd floor clothes dryer, or furnace.


You will see a Inspect annual check box and last annual date.  Select this if you want Savvyrenting to remind you of annual inspections for this equipment.  This is handy for fire alarm systems, or even fire suppression.


Purchase date, warranty length and warranty details will help you keep track of relevant warranty details for equipment.


Now click save.  You have entered your first piece of equipment, you can now go ahead and enter more!!